Domestic Services

We provide extensive and reliable services in all areas of domestic transport, with our extensive domestic service network and expert staff. In addition to domestic transportation, you can also benefit from our logistics, warehousing and distribution services.

  • Partial Transportation
  • Complex Vehicle Transport
  • Private Project Carrying

We are delivering the adrese by combining the loads of our different customers on the same route with our expert cadres and the same vehicle in a planned way, or delivering them to the transfer center and delivering them to the final addresses with appropriate means.

With partial transport, we provide our customers with a more economical way to send their freight to their desired address.

Since 2003 when Transnak Logistics has been established, we provide full vehicle transportation service to every point of our country with our expert staff.

The specialists in your business determine the type of vehicle according to your need and ensure that your cargo is sent to the desired point as soon as possible.

As Transnak Logistics, we complete our infrastructure studies to provide services to our customers in project movements, and we also provide services to our specialists in heavy loads and industrial transportation.

By carrying out the necessary engineering studies in accordance with your needs and the requirements of the project, we determine the appropriate routes and load your desired points.