Logistics & Customs Clearing & Warehousing

Being able to make quick and accurate decisions for productivity in the new business scheme, where costs are rising and customers are entering higher expectations in terms of performance and price, has become more and more important nowadays.

Institutions and service providers have realized that this concept has gained a new and different dimension while exploring the integration capabilities across supply and demand chains to achieve this goal. Nowadays, it has become a need beyond what can be accomplished a few logistical activities, such as integrated logistics, overflow, customs and storage. Concepts such as smoothing shopping among corporations, optimizing consecutive activities without spoiling each other, integrating business systems as well as logistics activities, and lifting redundancy and inefficiencies in the process of integration are among the anticipated skills of logistics service providers.

At Transnak Logistics, which takes into consideration technological possibilities, lean concepts and leading thinking; we are adopting a modern approach to integrate the manners and skills of customers, suppliers and service providers within integrated logistics, which will link the processes in this way. Functionality (simplicity and harmony of parts), productivity (automation level and added value) and sustainability (low risk and maintenance cost) are the key concepts in the solutions we produce with this approach.

With this new understanding of integration, we have been able to provide a wide range of logistics activities and significant benefits to organizations that have geography or operate a significant portion of their operations outsourcing. We have also created a lucrative alternative for smaller firms that want to focus on their own business and target all the logistics activities outside of their core business, all in one go.

Our goal is to continue our thought leadership in this area with new technologies and concepts, to share our knowledge-skills and work experiences with our customers and to help them grow.